Uma Panse

Detox Workshop

"Dear Naina, Thank you for the absolutely wonderful detox program. I have been having cold and cough for the past few days and the Jal neti has really helped. Though I had done it earlier I never had the confidence to do it myself. Thank you for giving me the confidence. I did it all by myself today. Will definitely be doing oil pulling and jal neti on a regular basis. Next time. let's do tratak for a longer time. Thank you "


Detox Workshop

"Dear Naina, Your Detox Yoga Workshop is an absolute treasure, delivering a transformative experience right to our homes. The focus on the importance of detoxification, followed by invigorating kriyas that emphasize body cleansing, breath control, and mindfulness was much needed. The thoughtfully curated sequence of challenging yet approachable asanas struck a perfect balance, offering both physical exertion and mental clarity. Your hands-on adjustments and individualized attention both during and after sessions ensures that all of us feel not just engaged but truly supported. As a newcomer, I departed with a revived commitment to incorporating detox yoga into my daily routine. I'm incredibly grateful for this rejuvenating experience and eagerly look forward to participating in more of your sessions in the future. "


Detox Workshop

"Thank you mam for this wonderful detox yoga workshop. Such an amazing experience it was. It was so much relaxing and felt really great that yoga is so much more than normal exercises. Looking forward for more such sessions.


Detox Workshop

Naina Ma'am.. Always Grateful To You For Making Us Fall In Love With All The Yogic Kriyas and Help Us Lead A Better , Healthier, Positive and Happy Living..Thank you for this new experience of Detoxification.

Nilesh Navlakha

Detox Workshop

Dear Naina mam Thankyou for an amazing detox yoga workshop. For me yoga was just stretching exercises or physical exercises But you've made us realize that it's beyond that. N how it is helping us internally and how the breathing techniques or kriya helps us to be more healthier. Thankyou for making us fall in love with Yoga.

Ashwini Oswal

Detox Workshop

Practising yoga is always been a profound experience, but knowing individual self or consciousness through guided yoga is a direct analysis of awareness and the nature of mind. Thank you, Naina Di, for reviving it in me this morning. Breathing techniques, Yog asanas, meditation through Trataka and detox of mouth with oil pulling was so well directed. Couldn't have asked for a better start for the day... Warm Regards Ashu.


Detox Workshop

Thank you Naina ma'am for the sincerest efforts you put in to expose us to the varied benefits and lesser performed kriyas, of yoga... You inspire us every time we listen to you.


Detox Workshop

Really very helpful it was. Got to learn many more new things which is lifetime helpful for us. It encourages me to work more hard on myself. I'll definitely follow the routine & would love to learn many more new types of yoga. Superb workshop.


"It was a great session at Mantri IT Park, Pune. The instructor had great knowledge about every day to day problem one faces while working in offices. Accordingly, she made us practice by sitting on our chairs. These small adjustments really helps our body and mind in the long run."

Inder Kawediya

"Over the past four years, I have taken a number of classes with Naina. Naina is a very knowledgeable teacher who is able to tackle many different problem areas. Her classes are fun and the classes are very friendly . She understands the problem & solves it with the help of yoga .Highly recommend ."


"The thing I love about Daily Yoga is the instructors. They're all experienced yogis who are passionate about teaching. They do a great job of explaining the poses and making sure you're doing them correctly. They also offer encouraging words and guidance throughout the class."


Msp Group

"The thing I love about Daily Yoga is the instructors. They're all experienced yogis who are passionate about teaching. They do a great job of explaining the poses and making sure you're doing them correctly. They also offer encouraging words and guidance throughout the class."

Mishra Akanksha

Msp Group

"Very nice fantastic yoga mam
Thank you 😊.."

Harsh Bhatt

Msp Group

"Naina mam is the best yoga teacher.Her teaching techniques are amazing.she gives different postures for various problems.Every session is unique postures, making it more fun and challenging. Thank you so much for your valuable training. Totally recommend her!"

Vimal Tripathi

Msp Group

"Thank you for your dedication to teaching yoga. It is truly a beautiful way of life and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. I appreciate your guidance and advice, and I know that I will continue to benefit from your teachings. Thank you again for everything.
स्वस्थ भारत स्वच्छ भारत
जय हिंद !"

Lata Kawediya

"I had severe back pain & allergy issue which is in control with the help of nainayoga. She solves the problem using scientific yoga. At the age of 70 she helped me to control my back pain. Thank you naina. highly recommended. Even her online classes are very clear and helpful"

Dhruv Suthar

Msp Group

"I would like to say thank you to Naina ma'am for awesome Yoga session in our office. This session aims to help office employees find balance, reduce tension, and increase productivity amidst their busy schedules."

Ronak Kalal

Msp Group

"This online yoga class is truly transformative, offering expert instruction, personalized approach, diverse styles, seamless online experience, and a focus on mind-body connection. Convenient and accessible, it's a remarkable choice for anyone seeking enhanced well-being. Join now and elevate your yoga practice to new heights!"

Raj Bhatt

Msp Group

"Today attended yoga session at our office under guidance of Naina mam. It was energetic session with lots of fun. It will help us to reduce stress level also bring flexibility in body."

Dhrupa Parekh

Msp Group

"It was amazing experience that is help us every day. Naina ma'am gives very enthusiastic environment to us. Thank you so much again for this healthy session.keep going on. 👍👍😊"

Grishma Surani

Msp Group

"Naina Jain has an excellent yoga environment that help you to relax your whole body. She is also very patient to teach every yoga position
Thank you Nainaa Jain :)"

Kirti Kumbhare

Msp Group

"It was an excellent session by Naina on International Yoga Day!! We came to know about how we can reduce stress with simple stretches, breathing practice and different mudras.
Thanks you."

Ayushi Atya

Workday Enterprise Management

"Soothing and amazing session. The Yogasanas explained and conducted by Naina were so relaxing and team enjoyed the complete session very much.
Thankyou Naina and Team
- Workday Family"

Krunal Patel

Msp Group

"it was amazing yoga session. we really enjoyed. we feeling great and refreshing. thank you🙏🙂"


Msp Group

"This yoga class offers flexibility, affordability, and the ability to practice. Her yoga teaching is a fantastic option for those seeking convenience and a personalized yoga experience."

Nikunj Dave

Msp Group

"I had a wonderful experience with Naina Jain as my yoga instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a calm, patient teaching style. I highly recommend her yoga classes!"

divyesh patel

Msp Group

"Thank you “Naina madam” such a gorgeous weekend. Really enjoyed the yoga.Thank you for taking such good care of us!"

mayur bagthaliya

Msp Group

"Thank you mam. Such a gorgeous weekend. Really enjoyed the yoga. Thank you for this amazing yoga session."

Bhatt Apurv

Msp Group

"The yoga instructor was exceptional, displaying a deep understanding of yoga techniques and a genuine passion for guiding others."

kishan parmar

Msp Group

"It was a good session, it was fun to do yoga as there was laughter along with it. Great work mam 👍"

Pratik Vora

Msp Group

"Amazing experience, some of the things we really don't know, so got new knowledge and also fun with doing our team thank you so much"

Dhiraj Patel

Msp Group

"Naina Yoga is an outstanding yoga trainer in Pune. Her classes are personalized, effective, and inspiring. Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their yoga practice and overall well-being"

Rashmi Vaghela

Msp Group

"Feel so relax and fresh!
Thank you so much for great session I have attended."

Raj Pandya

Msp Group

"Naina Yoga is the best tool ever for stress reduction, better sleep, self care, self love and well being.Amazing experience."

Hetal Parmar

Msp Group

"Feeling fresh,relax and better!! It was very good
Thank you!!"

Natavar Prajapati

Msp Group

"I started my yoga journey with Naina ma'am in 2021, Since then I started noticing changes in my postures while asanas my body started getting flexible and I got the confidence to get into tough aasans, and got to experience different kinds of meditations and kriya. Thank you, Naina for all the efforts and hard work you do for us."

Kirti Kumbhare

"It was an excellent session by Naina on International Yoga Day!! We came to know about how we can reduce stress with simple stretches, breathing practice and different mudras. Thanks you."

Ayushi Atya

Workday Enterprise Management

"It was soothing & Relaxing.Get to Know Importance of yoga & how it can Change us."

Madhura Deshmukh

Workday Enterprise Management

"Amazing Session. Great Aasans & Meditation Technique"


Workday Enterprise Management

"Great, Similar To art of forms."

Jasmeet, Priti Borade, Surabhi jain

Workday Enterprise Management

"Very good Experience, It was so relaxing and very nice"

Chirag bhirad

Workday Enterprise Management

"Session was really great.breathing related explanation will be helpful. Stretcher were unique, Thanks a lot !!!"

Radhika Dadu

Positive feedback Online Personal Training

"Naina was my school classmate. Not in touch since then. Got to know thru FB about her being a trainer. Joined her a few months back. Have multiple health issues. I must say she is pro at her job. She is extremely considerate, passionate, professional, punctual, knowledgeable, flexible, friendly, and very down to earth. I have had tooth extractions, menstrual issues, cramp in my foot, but she is very patient and took my situation into deep consideration and held my sessions accordingly. Naina is the best trainer I chose for my condition as she can heal a body in and out thru yoga, meditation, breathing technique, chakra healing, pranayam, mudra, etc. I am sure I will be out of my complications very soon with her guidance and help. Initially i was very hesitanat to do an online class but she is extremely clear in her instructions and actions so it is very convinient and apt to follow online too. Thankyou Naina."

Rahul B.

Couple Personal Training

"Naina is an excellent Yoga Trainer. She is very dedicated, punctual and professional in her approach. She even try to understand the individual's capacity and try to adjust her sessions accordingly. She is also an excellent Meditation trainer and have a very happy and cheerful way of teaching Yoga. Me and my wife highly recommend Naina for Yoga and we will continue her classes for a very long time. Thank you for your dedication it inspires and motivates us."

Ravina Keharh

Positive feedback from Punjab ,Personal online training .

"I have been taking Naina's online yoga classes from last 2 months virtually from Punjab and the experience is awesome. I feel much lighter and my body is more flexible now, and I used to have anxiety and rapid heart rate which is improved very much now by doing the yoga, also I feel happier. Apart from this, her teaching style is really good as she helps in doing the postures right way, also she is very polite and patient while teaching. I really like and enjoy her yoga sessions and would recommend everyone to take her yoga classes to improve their health. "

Richa Jain

Prenatal Yoga & Garbhsanskar

"I am in my last month of pregnancy and have been doing Prenatal yoga with her for the past 6 months. The entire journey of my pregnancy with her has been absolutely amazing and relaxing. She is super energetic and positive. Her guidance towards my physical and mental well-being has helped me in attaining vitality and calmness throughout my pregnancy. She is a wonderful yoga and pranayama instructor with vast knowledge in her field. She communicates very clearly and makes one feel comfortable throughout sessions. I have previously done fitness yoga with her and it was too an incredible experience. I would definitely join her again after my delivery. Thank you so much Naina Jain for your guidance and support. You are truly inspirational in countless ways. I highly recommend her to everyone. She takes online, offline as well as private sessions. "

Rajni Masoom

HR of Vimeo

"Naina is an excellent yoga instructor.We recently had conducted an online session on laughter and ergonomics yoga for our corporate offices in India and APAC region. She articulated her knowledge masterfully for both the session and made sure the audience is engaged. She has wonderful communication skills. The session make us feel energised, worked out and upbeat for the rest of the day! It was indeed a pleasure to take her class. Highly recommended. "

Animesh Mohapatra

Vice President, Specialist, Project Manager from BNY Mellon MNC Company

"Dear Naina Onset I Would like to thank you for conducting the Aerobics Session as part of Wellbeing Wednesdays on 21 September 2022. You would be happy to note that we had over 100 participants for the session. This was one of the best sessions for Wellbeing Wednesday of all times since launched in May last year. I am sure the audience must have benefited immensely from rich experience. Your energy and enthusiasm did help to take the session to a different level all together. I am sure this would be liked by many other corporates where you would be Conducting such sessions. Thank You once again for conducting he session with such ease and grace and we look forward to many more such sessions with you future. "

Ketki Telore

PULA Pune Ladies

"This positive review goes to my dear Yoga teacher - Naina's Yoga Naina Jain I was in search for offline yoga class in my nearby area. Luckily i found AM studio after enquiring it the timings were suitable for me! Due to work from home n fluctuating shift timings it was difficult to manage. I explained this to Naina Mam she immediately said you attend one class and then decide. After my first session i felt so amazing and I was literally drenched in her positive aura. She is very energetic, perfectionist in her work. She takes asaans which are helpful to stimulate thyroid gland. Overall my experience with her is super positive. I can feel the difference in myself physically and mentally as well. My flexibility has increased and has helped in making me more enthusiastic all day. Naina Mam thanks alot for all your inputs and pushing it to the par. Ladies want to tell you all she conducts online classes as well which will surely help you."

Komal Milind Dewale

Steelcare Asia Pasific Holdings India Pvt Ltd Pune

"It's amazing experience, love to add it in my day to day activity. Positive start of my day."

Nehavati D. Kore

KRSNAA Diagnostics PVT LTD

"It was amazing, useful and thanks for being with us."

Sarswati N. Gurkha

KRSNAA Diagnostics PVT LTD

"1) Feeling good after session 2) Good Explaination 3) Feeling Relaxing"

Komal Anil Sagne

KRSNAA Diagnostics PVT LTD

"Good session, it heals a lot of pain from body & yoga teacher is very good, I love the session, Thank you."

Mr. Sopan

KRSNAA Diagnostics PVT LTD

"All yoga therapy are very good, I trying including in daly routine in my life, very helthful, Thanks mam"


KRSNAA Diagnostics PVT LTD

"Thanks for the session, it is very useful for me & its help to grow the health"

Amol Muke

KRSNAA Diagnostics PVT LTD

"Wonderful and energizing session, I will definietly going to implement in my day today practise"

Suraj N Kamble

KRSNAA Diagnostics PVT LTD

"The session is very good yoga, I am very happy, good health"

Sunita Tambe

KRSNAA Diagnostics PVT LTD

"It was a wonderfull mini yoga session, feeling very relaxed past today's session"

Shruti Choudhary

New India Assurance CO Ltd

"Its very helpful yoga session, we all have to inducted this simple mudras ub our day to day activities. She has shown yoga with simplicity & with energy, Loved this session, will look forward for more much session"

Arijita Choudhary

New India Assurance CO Ltd

"The yoga classes was very effective, Learnt a lot, try the omkar yoga to increase my concentration"

Prerna Sathiar

New India Assurance CO Ltd

"Very helpful, especially for office going employees, Thanks a lot."

Sheetal Singh

New India Assurance CO Ltd

"it was a great session with Ms. Naina, She covered a lot in 1 hour for office sitting."

Divya Singh

New India Assurance CO Ltd

"it was a lovely session, very good for workplace"

Harshal Ramesh Gaikwad

Lokmanya Hospital Nigdi

"Training of yoga very good, Relaxation for all body parts, Thanks for coming"

Pramod G. Joshi

New India Assurance CO Ltd

"Very useful for the body, Especially for stress release."

Deepak Dinkar Bhosale

Lokmanya Hospital Nigdi

"Relaxation good and health strong"

Harish Kakadi

Lokmanya Hospital Nigdi

"Thank you, Madam for providing your great time and also provide some important knowlegde for our today's session; I would like say thank you to krishaa diagnostc of you to provide us this opportunity"

B.G. Sharma

Lokmanya Hospital Nigdi

"1) Very Good (Demo) Class for Basic health & mind Peace 2) Good posture for long life, Thanks A lot"

Ganesh Narayan Raut

Lokmanya Hospital Nigdi

"Thank you mam for providing your time and knowledge"

Suvarna Rajendra Mohan

Krishna Diagnostic ltd

"Session was very good and relaxing, feeling was excellent"

Dr. Sushansh

KRS Diagnocies Sutav Center

"Nice session, very relaxing and energy filled"

Vijaya Nadhe

KRS Diagnocies Sutav Center

"खूब छान घेतल माला रिलैक्स वाटल"

Mohit Patke

KRSNAA Diagnostics Sutav Center

"Good session of yoga, Gave me an inspiration for future."

Payal Rajiv Hadawale

KRSNAA Diagnostics Sutav Center

"The session was nice and relaxing for our whole body & stress free & energy booster in our daily lives."

Amit Suryakant Rode

KRS Diagnocies Sutav Center

"खूब छान शिकवले नैना मैडम ने घेतलेला प्रोग्राम छान आणि योग्य होता"

Prakash Shravan Pawar

KRS Diagnocies Sutav Center


Ramchandra Lakhare

KRS Diagnocies Sutav Center

"Very helpful for me, every I will try this activities (Yoga)"

Kapil Shirsat

KRS Diagnocies Sutav Center

"My back pain feel very good feeling, Thank you mam"

Ravindra Shinde

Sutav Center

"Found-very relaxasion-Bhastrika - Bhramay- Anulom Vilome are useful"

Ubed Yasin Shaikh

KRSNAA Diagnostics Sutav Center

"This session was very greatful and useful for us. Naina madam teach very excellence yoga for each."

Prashant Bhalerao

Sutav Center

"Yoga is very good for health, I like this yoga, Thank you"

Tinku A Raichandani

KRSNAA Diagnostics Sutav Center

"Actually its daily need, Thank you so much mam"

Prathmesh Das

KRSNAA Diagnostics Sutav Center

"Tainers knowledge is impressive"

Priyanka Kiran Panve

KNH KRSNAA Diagnostics Pune

"Today's session is good for health both physical and mentally. I do yoga every day so this is best session. I also knew yoga for daily exercise, Thank you."

Santosh Suryavanshi

KRSNAA Diagnostics PVT LTD

"Helpful for back pain and stress relief"

Arjun Chandrakant Shilant

KRSNAA Diagnostics LTD (KNHospital)

"It was very nice, Thank You"

Shavan Punia

KRSNAA Diagnostics (KNH)

"All ever good, feeling relax, Stress Free"


Steelcare Asia Pasific Pune

"It was amazing, one of the best session I have ever attended. Great to be part & the same, Do you have any facebook/linkedin account so that we all can be part of the "Transformational Journey"

Pratik Ukhale

Steelcare Asia Pasific Pune

"Very good session with lot of learning about how we could yoga in our busy schedule life."

Nikhil Soni

Steelcare Asia Pasific Pune

"Thanks for conducting a session today, it was good to understand how yoga can be done while sittng on chair."

Deepak Rai

Steelcare Asia Pasific Pvt Ltd

"Session was knowledgable ad Easy ro practice and well explained"

Indrajit Bagga

Steelcare Asia Pasific Pvt Ltd

"Session was very good and help in relaxing doing work."

Abhijit Dudhgankar

Steelcare Asia Pasific Pvt Ltd

"Session was very good, Time bount and Inertactive"

Shweta Yadav

Steelcare india pvt ltd

"Great initiactive to make a healthy mind and body"

Shantanu V. Katte

Steelcare, Pune

"Really Excellent & Usefull Session"

Asupna Patil


"It was very good & its very useful to future for maintain the body & release the stress"

Rajesh Kulkarni



Priti Patil

Steelcare Asia Pasific Pvt Ltd

"very good, Feel energised & fresh, thanks for training"

Mandar Kulkarni

Steelcare Asia Pasific Holdings India Pvt Ltd Pune

"I am feeling good today, It was a good session, Thanks"

Mr. Mahesh J.

New India Assurance CO Ltd

"It was a good & informative session, Thanks for making it intresting."

Deepak Bhosale

New India Assurance CO Ltd

"It was a excellent session, very useful tips for people working in the office were given."

Akash Wagh

New India Assurance CO Ltd

"The session was great, definitely there is a take away for the person working on computer and sitting in a chair for long hour. I would definitely try ti include the habit of doing some yoga daily."

Amey N Thakur

New India Assurance CO Ltd, Pune

"The session was great. Postures to release stress was really helpful, we felt energetic after this session. We enjoyed all suggestion made by you to release stress & feel better."

Sapna Shah

Personal Yoga & Fitness Training

"Naina Jain is amazing, dedicated yoga teacher. She is a grt motivational teacher. Her style is what i was looking for. With her i have the most fulfilling yoga practice. It is a great mix of postures flow, breathing and relaxation. i am very positive of achieving my goal of getting better with her guidance."

Pooja Horraa

Housewife, Online pranayam & meditation class

"Hi I just wanted to share my experience about online Pranayam class. After joining it I feel very fresh and light. Ur brain works very fast n have a lot of positive energy . Naina ur dedication towards the class is next level always enthusiastic and ready to guide about every breathing exercises and its benifits in day to day life. She has a lot of experience about yoga and Pranayam. I highly recommend her for yoga and Pranayam classes. Love you lot's thanks for always guiding me for everything regarding health and happiness. "

Sharul Jain

Advocate, Laughter Yoga Workshop

"Naina jain, who took a much needed laughter session for my grp which does monthly program to de-stress...and we all loved the session..all my friends and me..enjoyed every second of the 1 hr.. session to the fullest..didnt know laughter could bind us all the more...and get us instant glow!!! Thanks Naina Jain..will surely avail your other services..soon.. Naina also specialises in Meditation,Pranayam, aerobics,power yoga and facial yoga..so do contact her for a healthy kitty parties and group funn..."

Mahesh Udhane

Founder of AM Studio

"Thank you Naina ma’am ... For such awesome yoga sessions ... Talking about myself on and off i am doing yoga sessions... When i started my hamstring was very stiff n tight. ... i was not able to do much of Asana ... But today i am able to do dhanurasana, Camel pose, very important i was able to do chakarasan... N also some of सर्वांगासन ... Still long long way to go Thankyou so much maam..."

Pushpak Jain

Global Tax Manager Pune, Bibewad Online Detox Workshop

"We keep on doing regular exercises but never realized that it’s not enough & something more needs to be done as lifestyle & even climate has changed a lot. Naina, this session was unique as it covered Detoxification of entire body i.e. The Oral health (which many ignore) by Oil pulling & the stomach by Water Therapy. Feeling fresh & sensing Glow on my skin which could be just a feeling but even that feeling needs to come out & this session made it happen."

Priti Gore

Housewife, Online Yoga & Fitness Batch

"Hello all I'm Priti I had joined Naina ma’am online yoga 🧘‍♀️ fitness classes last year Its been a year and there are many positive changes since then After sweating for the long work out it’s magical an you feel active the whole day 😊 She has designed a week schedule in such a way that every day there are different stretches and Asanas with different benefits. Her dedication and passion for her work is which makes you believe in yourself. Naina guided me so very well ☺with details according to my illness which gave me confidence & also helped in weight management. Yoga classes also helped me to reduce my migraine problem. Thank u ma’am 💐for making our mornings 🌝very smart and healthy I encourage many like me friends to join and take this experience."

Hirachand Rathod

Businessmen, Personal Training Sleep Apnea reversed successfully

"I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude towards you. I had discussed about my major health issue with you, "Sleep Apnea". In the past few years this was my biggest health concern. I had seen many doctors for this issue. But to my dismay, I was given two options... First option was using C PAP machine (machine used while sleeping so that it helps breathe properly). If I opted this option I would have had to use it lifelong. Second option was surgery. Which I was reluctant. So I came to you seeking help. You suggested some miraculous yoga and pranayams which has helped me immensely. My "Sleep Apnea" has reduced by 80% in just few sessions of yoga you conducted for me. Before coming to you used to watch YouTube and try doing pranayam. The channels were showing right yoga and pranayam BUT I WAS DOING IT IN A WRONG WAY COMPLETELY SO I FOUND NO RESULTS. YOU TAUGHT ME SO WELL. NOW I EXACTLY KNOW HOW TO DO YOGA AND PRANAYAMA. Naina mam helped me so much. It almost has reduced by 80%."

I would highly recommend all to do yoga & pranayam on a daily basis with a good yoga teacher & for that Naina Jain is best.


Software Professional, Online Yoga & Fitness class

"I initially thought that the online class would not have the effect add a regular in person class... but I was wrong. I really like the way you bring in the same experience, with variations in each class to keep our interest high. I definitely feel higher energy levels and enthusiasm thought the day. You as a teacher are not only focused on fitness but on our well being also...I really like the way you explain the benefits and guide us to relieve our other pains as well. All in all a very fulfilling experience with you as my teacher Thanks a lot!"

Donna Debroy

Singer Pune, Pradhikaran Online Personal Training

"Naina ma'am is my personal Yoga Instructor for the last month and a half. I am 23 and have a sensitive spine because I fractured it in an accident a few years ago. Gained a lot of weight because of inactivity and pain in the back. Naina ma'am 's really paid attention to all my health issues and has customised my yoga workouts over video call to suit my body. I genuinely feel that she understands my problem areas as she listens carefully even during the session if I'm having any pain after every 5 minutes so she can guide me better. we have progressed quite a lot, I feel fitter, lighter on my feet, we 're still working on my pain management through relaxation techniques and accupressure. I recommend her to anyone who thinks they need personal training for injuries, weight loss and other health related issues as she really knows a lot about how to manage the pain and still continue losing the weight regardless. She even takes yoga session in batches for overall fitness."

Rihita Ranjan

Numerologist & Tarot Reader Pune, Market Yard, Online Yoga & Fitness Batch

"Awesome experience Best part is I didn 't have any sort of body pain, that usually happens when we start and new exercise routine, not even for a single day. Tough jaan nikal jaati hai complete karne tak The other thing that I loved is your instructions.They are so detailed specially about breath. Plus, Naina you take care of everyone who has what issues and during each and every exercise you guide accordingly. Then the meditation is so calming. Full package. But the worst part about you is you never let us cheat From that tiny screen of zoom you can see who is doing what wrong. Correction theek hai. But cheating karne dena chahiye thoda My month have been superb. I can see the difference in body flexibility and strength. More power to you girl!! Keep it up."

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