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Corporate Yoga is a form of corporate wellness that teaches yoga through simple yoga stretches and postures, breathing techniques, and meditation/mindfulness exercises to the staff of corporations during their office hours on their desk itself.These days Corporate Yoga has been booming in industry and by introducing corporate yoga sessions into the culture, a peaceful and mentally healthy workforce is getting very well maintained.

Corporate Yoga helps to achieve a calm, mindful, and confident approach towards your personal and professional life.

Why Corporate yoga is needed?

Many corporate employees spend their entire day sitting in front of a computer screen. Over time, this causes problems within the body. Employees face issues like sore or injured backs, carpel tunnel syndrome, weight issues, or overall stiffness in the body. The body was not really designed to sit for that many hours in a row, and excessive sitting does have negative effects. Productivity, creativity, and motivation can also begin to waver as the day wears on.

Yoga and its associated breathing exercises, increase blood flow to the brain, which jump-starts the brain and gives it the necessary strength to finish the workday.

It can be incorporated from 15 minutes to one hour in the daily routine working hours.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga at the Workplace

Increased Energy
Reduced Stress
Higher Confidence
Improved Flexibility
Improved Posture
Increased Focus
Improve Breathing
Increased Morale
Better Immunity
Low Absenteeism
More Creativity
Improved Digestion
Lesser Aggression
Higher Productivity

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